Christine Dorn
Owner, Designer and Primary Gardener
Horticulturist/Designer, B.S.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my web site. Gardening came naturally to me since I was a child and I loved spending time outdoors. I was always at my fatherís side in the garden, loving to play in the dirt. When I was old enough to get a job in high school I chose to work at the local garden center. This job brought me much enjoyment and began my knowledge of gardening.

Following high-school, I entered the University of Vermont with a major in environmental studies. After a year I realized that my true passion was in gardening and growing plants; and that it was possible to make a career doing this. I graduated the University of Vermont with a Bachelorís of Science in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design, still with a minor in Environmental Studies.

I had kept my original job at the garden center throughout college, but realized shortly after graduation it was time to move on. I moved to Colorado and joined a small garden maintenance company based out of Broomfield in the spring of 1999. I supervised the company and employees for three seasons, gaining a lot of knowledge and confidence in my abilities. It was time again to grow.

In the spring of 2002 I acquired my official business registration and nursery licenses to begin my own company. This was the beginning of Blossoms Garden Design. For my first season I still worked part-time with another company to balance the work-load and transition. Following that season things just took off Ė mostly through referrals from all my wonderful clients.
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